The Sound of Silence

I’m pretty sure when most people think of getting away and going to get some “peace and quiet” out in nature they believe that to be true. As I sit here at Headwaters on this first evening of February…I would have to say “What peace and quiet?!”
   When the sounds of the society get to be too much the best thing to do is stop, sit and be still. Turn off the eternal chatter of you brain, the day, the job,the traffic and the media that surrounds us on a daily basis. Just get away from it all. Headwaters is a great place to do that. But, when you do finally stop…you realize that nature isn’t that quiet at all. If you think about it the sounds of the wilderness could be just as noisy as New York City just on a different scale. The tree frogs are seriously a chatty bunch…consistent in the background. Running a close second would be the grasshoppers and cicadas as they try to out fiddle each other. I love all these sounds. From the birds I cannot identify quite yet by their call to the rustle of the palm fronds as the squirrels jump like monkeys from branch to branch.
   Some sounds are more comforting than others. I smile when I hear the owls who live right here at Headwaters. The soft coo of their late night gossip fests are one of my favorite. I guiltily like adore it when I hear a pack of coyotes running amuck deep in the forest. It’s hauntingly beautiful and bittersweet.
   Some sounds can creep you out a bit and make your imagination run wild. Like the sound of something  sliding into the Loxahatchee River. Was that a gator? A turtle? Maybe an otter or a raccoon washing his paws after dinner?
   Sometimes I hear the “clip,,,clop” of horse feet meandering down the road on their way to the equestrian paths of River Bend Park. That sound always make me think of a simpler time and place. The wind in the trees evokes melancholy and the rain dripping of the leaves induces an almost meditative state. Nature is good for the soul.
   So next time you hit the road for a little “peace and quiet” …stop..sit and,and listen to the calm chaos of the nature that surrounds you. Nature is screaming to be heard…we should listen.