History Runs Deep Along the Loxahatchee River


It was a chilly morning on Sunday. Ok…Let me be real…it was downright cold this Sunday morning as we rode our bikes from Headwaters  to River Bend Park for a ceremony honoring the Battle on the Loxahatchee in 1883 and the people who lost their lives there.2016-01-24 10.22.39-1

   It was an eye opening and cleansing expeirience. Just to see the old tree where so many soldiers were laid to take their last breath was a somber feeling. The tree is now so old it is surrounded by a fence for safety purposes.  We then listened to some great ancestors talk and we stood in a circle where we were all cleansed with lavender water.Sage was then lit and we were all cleansed…our souls cleaned. Then we were given some corn and told to make a wish and toss the corn somewhere special. I put mine in the fire so it would go into the universe. I hope it works. The ground was doused with drink as we listened to names of the past being read by some distant relatives. We were told many spirits were among us and I believed that. How can that not be on such sacred ground. I often think about that while I’m at Headwaters and on the water. How much past life has occurred here on these Loxahatchee River Seminole 2grounds. I do think spirits and souls hang around such a special place.
   I was glad to be  part of the event. Being a transplant to Florida, it was a part of history I never knew. So now as I paddle from Headwaters down the Loxahatchee..I have a deeper appreciation for the beautiful history that surrounds us here.