Who is Max?

Hello Headwaters Fans,

I thought I’d take a little time to introduce myself. I am Max. The Property Manager here at Headwaters Jupiter. I will be blogging from time to time about this amazing place here in Jupiter Farms.
I first came in November of 2014 to visit friends of Rick Clegg.( Rick is the mastermind behind Headwaters Jupiter for those who don’t know.) We took a kayak tour right out of the backyard here which sits right on the Loxahatchee River. I must say how blown away I was on this tour. The river itself transforms you back in time. The sights, sounds and, the wildlife were abundant as we paddled our way through the winding river. I was taken aback on how much I enjoyed this cruise through alligators and the immense amount of nature I was surrounded by on the Loxahatchee. Truly beautiful on an almost pre-historic level.
I was visiting Jupiter to see if I wanted to move here and pursue my passion of stand up paddleboarding and this tour just kinda kicked it in for me. I moved here the following March. I am now a certified Lifeguard, certified SUP Instructor at Jupiter Outdoor Center, Head of Youth Resources at JOC and, the proud
Property Manager here at Headwaters Jupiter. All proof that “One day can change your life!”
So, come and stay with us here at Headwaters. Maybe it can change your life too!
Until I blog again, Max
kayk max